SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

i3x Specifications

Read modes

Fluorescence (top/bottom read)
Luminescence (top read)
Time-Resolved Fluorescence (top read)
Fluorescence Polarization (top read)
HTRF (top read)
AlphaScreen (top read)

Wavelength ranges

Abs: 230 - 1000 nm
FL Ex: 250 - 830 nm
FL Em: 270 - 850 nm
Lumi: 300 - 850 nm

Wavelength selection

Cartridge filters and monochromator tunable in 1 nm increments

Absorbance photometric accuracy/linearity

< ±0.010 OD ±1.0%, 0 to 2 OD

Absorbance photometric precision/repeatability

< ±0.003 OD ±1.0%, 0 to 2 OD

Sensitivity top read optimized

FL: Mono: 0.5 pM fluorescein 96 well, 1 pM fluorescein 384 well; Cartridge: 0.1 fmol/well in 75 μL fluorescein 384 well, 0.03 fmol/well in 8 μL fluorescein 1536 well
Lumi: Mono: 3 pM ATP-Glow 96 well, 6 pM ATP-Glow 384 well; Cartridge: 20 amol ATP-flash
TRF cartridge: 3 amol/well in 100 μL europium (0.03 pM) 384 well, 1 amol/well in 8 μL europium (0.125 pM) 1535 well
FP cartridge: 3 mP (75 μl) fluorescein 384 well, 6 mP (8μl) fluorescein 1536 well
AlphaScreen cartridge: <100 amol/well 384 well

Light source(s)

High power xenon flash lamp
LEDs in visible range


Silicon photodiode
Cooled photomultiplier tube

Read types (endpoint, kinetic, etc)

Spectrum scan
Well scan

Read times (kinetic interval for 96-well plate)*

Abs: 29 seconds
FL: 22 seconds
Lumi: 21 seconds
TRF: 21 seconds
FP: 38 seconds
AS: 22 seconds

Plate shaking


Plate type(s)

6-1536 well plates

Temperature control

Ambient + 4°C to 45°C


H 32.5 cm x W 39.2 cm x D 60.55 cm

Validation tools

Absorbance validation plate
Fluorescence validation plate
Luminescence validation plate
Multi-mode validation plate
SoftMax® Pro GxP Software

Source - https://www.moleculardevices.com/products/microplate-readers/multi-mode-readers/spectramax-i3x-readers#specs

Seahorse Scheduling

Appointments for use of this instrument can be made by emailing xliu4@bidmc.harvard.edu


Training is required before use of this instrument.

Individual consultation and training may be scheduled by contacting the Core.

First time users should contact at least 2 weeks before running an experiment.


i3x Pricing

    Customized biomarker panel Upon request Upon request Upon request
    i3x single use $35 $52.50 $75

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