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ILCOR has only started assigning reviews to Resuscitation Knowledge Synthesis Units within the last year.

About the RKSU

The Center for Resuscitation Science is integrally involved in setting the international guidelines for resuscitation. We have been identified as a “Resuscitation Knowledge Synthesis Unit,” making us one of only a handful of centers worldwide, and the only one in the United States, sanctioned by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) to establish standards of care for resuscitation.  ILCOR is the international guideline development body from which national organizations such as the American Heart Association obtain guidance.  Development of new standards of care is a data-intensive process involving review of tens of thousands of topic-related publications, identifying consistencies, and establishing a consensus opinion on optimal resuscitation protocols.



We have extensive expertise in “big-data” clinical projects, database analysis, and scientific literature analysis covering a variety of topics in the fields of critical care and resuscitation medicine.  Through our collaboration with the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, we are thus well situated to conduct wide-ranging guideline development projects.  Our guideline development potential is not limited to projects sanctioned by ILCOR

Improving patient lives by advancing the field of resuscitation medicine