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Emergency Medicine: Data Abstraction Core provides access to data abstracted from BIDMC Hospital Data Servers. The data includes hospital labs, medications, microbiology reports, and radiology/CT scan reports. The Core also provides access to intensive care unit data which includes the above but also vitals, ventilation data, nursing assessments, and severity scores such as the SOFA score. This service provides unparalleled accuracy and efficiency as data can be abstracted seamlessly. In addition, the Core provides statistical analysis of the data including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and data interpretation and graphical presentation.

Director: Parth V Patel BSN, RN
Director: Anne V Grossestreuer PhD
Biostatistician: Lakshman Balaji, BDS, MPH

Some of the research endeavors that have utilized this core include:

  • Uber, A., Grossestreuer, AV., Ross, CE., Patel, PV., Trehan A., Donnino, MW., Berg, KM. (2018). “Preliminary observations in systemic oxygen consumption during targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest.” Resuscitation. 127:89-94.
  • Uber, AJ., Perman, SM., Cocchi, MN., Patel, PV., Ganley, SE., Portmann, JM., Donnino, MW., Grossestreuer, AV. (2018) “Increased Heat Generation in Postcardiac Arrest Patients During Targeted Temperature Management Is Associated With Better Outcomes.” Crit Care Med. 2018 Apr 3.
  • Moskowitz, A., Grossestreuer, AV., Berg, KM., Patel, PV., Ganley, S., Casasola Medrano, M., Cocchi, MN., Donnino, MW; Center for Resuscitation Science. (2018). “The association between tidal volume and neurological outcome following in-hospital cardiac arrest.” Resuscitation. 124:106-111.
  • Holmberg, MJ., Moskowitz, A., Patel, PV., Grossestreuer, AV., Uber, A., Stankovic, N., Andersen, LW., Donnino, MW. (2018). “Thiamine in septic shock patients with alcohol use disorders: An observational pilot study.” J Crit Care. 43:61-64.
  • Moskowitz, A., Patel, PV., Grossestreuer, AV., Chase, M., Shapiro, NI., Berg, K., Cocchi, MN., Holmberg, MJ., Donnino, MW; Center for Resuscitation Science. (2017). “Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment and Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Criteria as Predictors of Critical Care Intervention Among Patients With Suspected Infection.” Crit Care Med. 45(11):1813-1819.
  • Berg, KM., Grossestreuer, AV., Uber, A., Patel, PV., Donnino, MW. (2017). “Intubation is not a marker for coma after in-hospital cardiac arrest: A retrospective study.” Resuscitation. 119:18-20.

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