Pancreatitis Research

The Center of Resuscitation Science has recently formed a unique clinical research collaboration with the Pancreas Center at BIDMC. The Pancreas Center is an internationally renowned program that provides expertise in diagnosing and managing exocrine pancreatic diseases under the leadership of Dr. Steven Freedman and Dr. Sunil Sheth. By working closely with the Intensive Care Unit and other patient care units at BIDMC to offer the highest level of care for patients with pancreatitis.

As part of our commitment to providing excellent patient care and high-class research, we have collaborated with them to bring opportunities for patients to participate in ongoing clinical research projects to improve outcomes in patients with acute pancreatitis through our CRISP (Corticosteroids to Reduce Inflammation in Severe Pancreatitis) study lead by Dr. Michael W. Donnino. We are happy to accept referrals.

If you have a referral for the Pancreas Center, please call 617-667-5576. For more information regarding ongoing clinical trials, please click here or contact us at



Dr. Steven D. Freedman MD
Gastroenterology - BIDMC Pancreatitis Center Director



Dr. Michael W. Donnino MD
Director of Center for Resuscitation Science






  • Michael Donnino
  • Steve Freedman
  • Kate Berg
  • Michael Cocchi
  • Anne Grossestruer
  • Lakshman Balaji
  • Xiaowen Liu
  • Noa Berlin
  • Jacob Vine
  • Ankit Chhoda

Study Staff

  • Franklin Li
  • Shivani Mehta
  • Jeremy Silverman


Pancreatitis is a common and potentially lethal and/or debilitating condition for which existing treatment options have shown limited efficacy. Since inflammation is a key driver of disease progression in pancreatitis, we are conducting a Phase II randomized clinical trial to establish whether a brief course of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids given very early in the acute process will improve key clinical outcomes including illness severity, inflammation, and pancreatic injury, hospital and ICU-free days, and death. We are currently enrolling adult patients with severe acute pancreatitis admitted to BIDMC or to Montifiore Medical Center (New York City). Please click here for more information.

Number of Patients Enrolled:



If you are interested in referring or collaborating with us, please feel free to click the button down below to email us.

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