December 27th 2021 – New Accepted Study: Esmolol To Treat The Hemodynamic Effects of Septic Shock: A Randomized Controlled Trial

In our study of 40 patients with septic shock and tachycardia, we tested whether esmolol would reduce the need for vasopressors at 6h compared to placebo, as well as other outcomes. We found that there was no difference in vasopressor use at 6h or shock-free days  between groups, but there were lower levels of C-reactive protein at 12 and 24 h in the esmolol arm, as well as a difference in trend over time between groups; there was no difference in levels of IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, and TNFα. We also found decreased oxygen consumption in the subset of patients who underwent VO2 monitoring when comparing esmolol to placebo. Here is the link to the study