Steen Fagerberg, MD

Steen Fagerberg, MD

Research Fellow

About Steen Fagerberg

Steen is a medical doctor from Denmark, currently enrolled as a pre-doctorate research fellow from Aarhus University, Denmark, under the Supervision of Dr. Mike Donnino. Steen received his BS in Science in 2010 and his MD in 2015, and finalized his PhD this winter, under the supervision of Prof. Helle A Praetorius. Steen is at the Center for Resuscitation Science in an international research fellowship with Aarhus University, Denmark, from may until August 2016, Denmark. As a step in creating a link between basic sciences and clinical sciences, Steen is taking a physiological approach to the blood cells from septic patients, to investigate the clinical relevance of an ATP activated volume regulator, which seems to be a limiting step in the development of lysis. Throughout a series of in vitro and in vivo animal experiment he has been investigating purinergic receptors (P2X) and their importance for cell’s own defense against bacterial pore formers such as Alpha-Hemolysin from E. coli or Alpha-toxin from S. Aureus, as well as these receptors role in the initial cell signaling following bacterial infections. The Center of Resuscitation Science provides an ideal opportunity to work with highly clinical questions at the bench.

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