Stan Heydrick, PhD

Stan Heydrick, PhD

Scientific Writer

About Stan Heydrick

Stan obtained his BA from Juniata College and his PhD in Physiology from Penn State. Thereafter, he spent many years at Boston University Medical Center researching causes and cures for a number of medical issues, including diabetes, other metabolic diseases, and surgical adhesions. He was integrally involved in the development of novel nanoparticles and microbubbles with dual diagnostic and clinical applications just prior to joining the CRS. In addition to 36 publications and manuscripts, he has authored, assisted with, or edited a number of winning grant proposals for various investigators, including awards from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, other national foundations, and institutional funding sources. He attributes his writing skills to superb undergraduate training, an innate ability to understand problems and present a clear message, and sales skills developed at outside enterprises. Stan’s hobbies include volleyball, perennial gardening, home renovation, real estate investing, and traveling to tropical islands with his wife.

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