Neeharika Munjal, BS

Neeharika Munjal, BS

Neeharika graduated from Boston University with a health science/public health major and a business administration and management minor. At Boston University, she was part of the Healthcare Improvement Inc, Partners in Healthcare club, and Boston University India club.

She is very much involved in the Boston Indian Community.  She was an Ekal Youth Leader where she adopted 7 schools and gave lifetime education to 80 kids in a school which they named after her in Mathura, India. She also helped fundraise events and led the Ekal Appathon event with a few other youth leaders. She also was a part of Saheli and We Care Charity. Due to all her efforts in the Indian community, she has won several awards such as the Lokvani Magazine Rising Star of the Year award, Miss Bharat Woman Empowerment award, the Indian Medical Association of New England Presidential Recognition award, and recognition from Ekal Vidyalaya. She was also a part of the 2016 India New England 20 under 20 List. Recently, she has become a brand youth ambassador at the MyDream Entertainment Miss Bharat New England.

She started her own networking organization called the Young Indian Professions of New England. The goal of the group is to network, diversify, grow, and bond as young professionals and also stay connected with the Indian heritage and culture.

Professionally, she is a part of the Healthcare Businesswomen of America Boston Chapter association which is a global nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and organizations from across the healthcare industry committed to achieving gender parity in leadership positions, facilitating career and business connections, and providing effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talent. She is also part of their subgroup called the Tomorrow’s Executive group which is a young professional affinity group dedicated to the development of professionals with less than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

For fun, she is a huge foodie and loves trying out new restaurants and cuisines. Also, she loves to travel to different parts of the world, spend time with my friends and family, watch Bollywood movies, shows, and music, go into the city or beach, cooking/baking, and going to the gym. 

Please feel free to connect with me through Linkedln!